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As Corporate Public Auditors, our obligation is to offer support and colaboration to our clients As Corporate Public Auditors, our obligation is to offer support and colaboration to our clients. As Corporate Public Auditors, our obligation is to offer support and colaboration to our clients.

About us

A&T Auditores y Técnicos Asociados, SL was created in 1999 with the aim of becoming a reference in the auditing sector, understanding this in its widest sense and not exclusively restricted to the scope of mandatory audit on the annual accounts, regulated in the commercial legislation.

The company, registered in the Official Account Auditor Register, originated from the union of different professionals with knowledge in areas as varied as auditing economists, telecommunications engineers or civil engineers, whose purpose was to bring together their efforts to provide their clients with a global and orientating viewpoint of how to take advantage of the potential of companies being reviewed, as an added value to the audit checking work.

The personalized relation with the client is one of our priorities. As auditors, we are aware of our obligation to work with our clients, offering them our support and collaboration, while preserving our independence, as one of the basic premises that should be at the base of any audit review.

This spirit continues being the maximum priority of the company, boosted even more whenever possible by the current general direction of two auditor economists with wide professional experience. One of our added values is command of the English language which, added to the current regulations by the EU regarding auditing, gives us a notable strength that allows us to reach much higher compliance levels than the usual standard in Spain.

n addition, we have a wide network of collaborators providing their specialised services, supplementing our review tasks and always delivering optimum results.

A professional career of over 20 years has allowed us to collaborate with interesting and challenging projects. The following should be highlighted:

  • In reference to audit reviews, the collaborations with important carriers, the livestock sector, the insurance sector, that of electronic components for the vehicle industry or with skiing stations stand out.
  • Our collaboration with projects for the merger of important audiovisual companies and those of the IT sector stand out as capital operation projects.
  • Within the scope of corporate transformations, we collaborate in the transformation of a private limited liability company into a public limited liability company at present listed in the stock exchange, specialised in renewable energies.

Due to all this, we consider we can be very useful collaborators in the development and progress of your business, catering for your needs and always going one step further than a simple audit review.

We wish to grow with you and your business